In Dayz you run round with an axe and axe zombies in the head with the axe the axe is the axe that you worship the axe for in the cruelest manner of the axe. The axe is the redheads of the axe in the Dayz Epoch in Canada where they met in the ballroom for refinery of iron in the large smeltering cauldrons of boiling metal. In this metal there is a gold that is only a sedetive for the holyness that it caries within itself in the Thing there is a photo that forever know one will know tdayz-breaking-point.wikia.comme say he was the old Top Gear stig that shot Jeremy Clarkson in the face with a sawed-off shotgun because he thought he was a pumpkin in a television ad that is said to haunt the people that didn't apply for the insurance ad. Templates require you to register the account for the wiki that is not known. There is a website called Brothersoft that has software that especially has Winrar a great compression program that is way better than 7-Zip. You should also try MagicDisk that is a software for mounting ISO files to a peice of memory on your computer.