The Walther P38 is a .9mm semi-automatic handgun featured in DayZ: Breaking Point.

Overview Edit

The Walther P38 was a semi-automatic handgun manufactured by Walther, Germany during the beginning of World War 2 and was made to replace the costly Luger P08.

The Walther P38 was the standard sidearm of the Nazi Wehrmacht forces in World War 2, carried primarily by Officers and those who warranted a sidearm.

Tactics Edit

The Walther P38 primarily is an uncommon handgun that frequently spawns in Farm Loot. It uses P38 magazines which again spawn in Farm Loot spawns.

The P38 packs a slightly higher punch compared to standard 9mm weapons often killing most Zombies in two shots, in return the weapon also has a loud gunshot report and is often limited to a mere 8 rounds.

It often attracts more Zombies compared to that of other 9mm weapons and the loud and noticeable gunshot sound is quite easy to tell from a distance by a player.

The weapon may not be a useful firearm for Zombie combat, it's small magazine, loud gunshot and scarcity of ammunition make it more suitable for singular player combat, where its higher damage can be benefited from.

Statistics Edit

   Category: Pistol/Siderarm
   Rarity: Uncommon
   Spawn Location(s): Farm
   Damage: ??? Blood
       P38 Magazine
   Magazine Capacity: 8 Rounds
   Range: 80m
   Zeroing: None
   Rate of Fire: Moderate
   Recoil: Low to Average
   Noise: Moderate
   Firing Mode: Semi
   Attachments: -
   Alternate version(s): 
   Differences to the DayZ version: None, does not appear in DayZ

Trivia Edit

  • Throughout World War 2 and Post War, over a million were produced with untold numbers of variants manufactured, with surplus Walthers being fairly common in European countries. A post war variant known as the P1 was the official sidearm of the German Military in 1963 and an improved variant known as the P4 was adopted by Police Forces in South Africa in the 1970's.