The Military Off-road truck is a Land Rover Defender and is one of the largest, most versatile non-big-truck (Ural sized) vehicles in the game. It is also one of the rarest. The Defender (if you look closely on the front/back it says "Offender") seats 9 players and carries 10 weapons/tools and has room for 50 items and 2 backpacks. The Defender excels both on and offroad, hitting speeds of 114kph on tarmac and mid-to-upper 40s in the dirt. There appear to be 2 variants: a model with the spare tire mounted on the hood painted matte brick red, and a model with the spare tire mounted high on the left side just behind the driver and is painted matte green and black. There is also a tan coloured version with the same 2 possible variations of tire location. In DayZ Breaking Point there are several different skins of this vehicle. There's many desert, tan, woodland, and green skins.*

  • Speed: 111kph
  • Offroad speed: 42kph
  • Fuel capacity: 100L
  • Seats: 8
  • Item slots: 50
  • Weapon slots: 10
  • Arma2 oa landrover
    Backpack slots: 2

Pros: handles well for such a large vehicle & holds a lot of fuel, ranges far and wide on one tank of gas it's powerful and climbs steep grades very well it's loud on pavement but remarkably quiet on dirt/grass and is great to transport a group of up to 9!

Cons: rolls easily when hitting small objects like a trash mound at speedspare tire on hood makes for poor view when driving in 1st person mode. They're rare, so getting one is not easy.

Repairing: 1 x Engine Parts1 x Fueltank Parts1 x Scrap Metal4 x Car Wheel3 x Windscreen Glass