Name Categorie ID Chance
- Loot Pile trash 27,10%
- Loot Pile generic 16,82%
Hatchet Meele WeaponHolder_ItemHatchet 10,28%
Hunting Knife Tool ItemKnife 6,54%
Toolbox Tool ItemToolbox 5,61%
Wheel Spare parts WeaponHolder_PartWheel 4,67%
Engine Parts Spare parts WeaponHolder_PartEngine 3,74%
Fueltank Parts Spare parts WeaponHolder_PartFueltank 3,74%
Jerry Can Spare parts WeaponHolder_ItemJerrycan 3,74%
Scrap Metal Spare parts WeaponHolder_PartGeneric 3,74%
Tank Trap Construction ItemTankTrap 3,74%
Sandbags Construction ItemSandbag 2,80%
Windscreen Glass Spare parts WeaponHolder_PartGlass 2,80%
- Loot Pile military 1,87%
Netting Material Construction Skin_Net_DZ 0,93%
Rotor Assembley Spare parts WeaponHolder_PartVRotor 0,93%
Wire Fence Construction ItemWire 0,93%

Loot Pile - trashEdit

Name Categorie ID Chance
Empty Tin Can Trash TrashTinCan 12,32%
Empty Soda Can Trash ItemSodaEmpty 6,16%
Toilet Paper Trash ItemTrashToiletpaper 4,93%
Razor Trash ItemTrashRazor 2,46%
Empty Whiskey Bottle Trash TrashJackDaniels 1,23%

Loot Pile - genericEdit

Name Categorie ID Chance
Bandage Medical supplies ItemBandage 1,87%
Road Flare Ammunition HandRoadFlare 1,19%
Coke Drink ItemSodaCoke 1,02%
Empty Soda Can Trash ItemSodaEmpty 1,02%
Empty Tin Can Trash TrashTinCan 1,02%
2Rnd. Pellet  Ammunition 2Rnd_shotgun_74Pellets 0,85%
2Rnd. Slug  Ammunition 2Rnd_shotgun_74Slug 0,85%
Crossbow Bolt  Ammunition WoodenArrow 0,68%
Empty Whiskey Bottle Trash TrashJackDaniels 0,68%
Heat Pack Medical supplies ItemHeatPack 0,68%
Lee Enfield Mag Ammunition 10x_303 0,68%
Pepsi Drink ItemSodaPepsi 0,68%
Browning HP Mag Ammunition RH_13Rnd_9x19_bhp 0,51%
Chemlight Blue Ammunition HandChemBlue 0,51%
Chemlight Red Ammunition HandChemRed 0,51%
M1911 Mag Ammunition RH_8Rnd_45cal_m1911 0,51%
1866 Slug  Ammunition 15Rnd_W1866_Slug 0,34%
M93R Mag Ammunition RH_20Rnd_9x19_M93 0,34%
Painkiller Medical supplies ItemPainkiller 0,34%
PPK Mag Ammunition RH_7Rnd_32cal_ppk 0,34%
TT33 Mag Ammunition RH_8Rnd_762_tt33 0,34%
X26 Cartridge Ammunition DDOPP_1Rnd_X26 0,34%
Baked Beans Food FoodCanBakedBeans 0,17%
Chemlight Green Ammunition HandChemGreen 0,17%
CZ 550 Mag Ammunition 5x_22_LR_17_HMR 0,17%
Frank & Beans Food FoodCanFrankBeans 0,17%
Mk22 SD Mag Ammunition RH_8Rnd_9x19_Mksd 0,17%
Pasta Food FoodCanPasta 0,17%
Sardines Food FoodCanSardines 0,17%
Water Bottle Drink ItemWaterbottleUnfilled 0,17%
Water Bottle (Filled) Drink ItemWaterbottle 0,17%

Loot Pile - militaryEdit

Name Categorie ID Chance
Empty Tin Can Trash TrashTinCan 0,21%
Empty Soda Can Trash ItemSodaEmpty 0,10%
30Rnd. AK Mag Ammunition 30Rnd_545x39_AK 0,05%
30Rnd. STANAG Mag Ammunition 30Rnd_556x45_Stanag 0,05%
8Rnd. M1014 Pellets Ammunition 8Rnd_B_Beneli_Pellets 0,05%
8Rnd. M1014 Slug Ammunition 8Rnd_B_Beneli_74Slug 0,05%
AKM Mag Ammunition 30Rnd_762x39_AK47 0,05%
Bandage Medical supplies ItemBandage 0,05%
DMR Mag Ammunition 20Rnd_762x51_DMR 0,05%
Heat Pack Medical supplies ItemHeatPack 0,05%
Painkiller Medical supplies ItemPainkiller 0,05%
SA58 Mag Ammunition 30Rnd_762x39_SA58 0,05%
Smoke Granade (White) Ammunition SmokeShell 0,05%
.44 Magnum Ammunition RH_6Rnd_44_Mag 0,03%
8Rnd. Saiga 12K Slug Ammunition 8Rnd_B_Saiga12_74Slug 0,03%
G17 Mag Ammunition RH_17Rnd_9x19_g17 0,03%
MRE Food FoodMRE 0,03%
PDW Mag Ammunition 30Rnd_9x19_UZI 0,03%
Tec9 Mag Ammunition RH_30Rnd_9x19_tec 0,03%
USP Mag (.45) Ammunition RH_12Rnd_45cal_usp 0,03%
Vz61 Mag Ammunition RH_20Rnd_32cal_vz61 0,03%
.357 Magnum Ammunition RH_6Rnd_357_Mag 0,02%
200Rnd. M249 Belt Ammunition 200Rnd_556x45_M249 0,02%
20Rnd. 6.8 Ammunition FHQ_rem_20Rnd_680x43_ACR 0,02%
20Rnd. 6.8 SD (Tracer) Ammunition FHQ_rem_20Rnd_680x43_ACR_T_SD 0,02%
20Rnd. 7.62x51 PMAG (Tracers) Ammunition FHQ_rem_20Rnd_762x51_PMAG_T 0,02%
30Rnd. 6.8 Ammunition FHQ_rem_30Rnd_680x43_ACR 0,02%
30Rnd. HK33 Ammunition VIL_30Rnd_556x45_HK 0,02%
35Rnd. Galil Ammunition VIL_35Rnd_556x45_G 0,02%
Chemlight Blue Ammunition HandChemBlue 0,02%
Chemlight Green Ammunition HandChemGreen 0,02%
Chemlight Red Ammunition HandChemRed 0,02%
G3 Mag Ammunition VIL_20Rnd_762x51_G3 0,02%
G36 Mag Ammunition 30Rnd_556x45_G36 0,02%
M24 Mag  Ammunition 5Rnd_762x51_M24 0,02%
M9 Mag Ammunition 15Rnd_9x19_M9 0,02%
Mk22 SD Mag Ammunition RH_8Rnd_9x19_Mksd 0,02%
MP5 Mag Ammunition 30Rnd_9x19_MP5 0,02%
PDW SD Mag Ammunition 30Rnd_9x19_UZI_SD 0,02%
Smoke Granade (Green) Ammunition SmokeShellGreen 0,02%
Smoke Granade (Red) Ammunition SmokeShellRed 0,02%
USP SD Mag (9 mm) Ammunition RH_15Rnd_9x19_uspsd 0,02%
.50 AE Ammunition RH_7Rnd_50_AE 0,01%
100Rnd. M240 Mag Ammunition 100Rnd_762x51_M240 0,01%
10Rnd MSR (Tracers) Ammunition FHQ_rem_10Rnd_338Lapua_MSR_T 0,01%
10Rnd. VSS Ammunition 10Rnd_9x39_SP5_VSS 0,01%
20Rnd. 7.62x51 PMAG SD (Tracers) Ammunition FHQ_rem_20Rnd_762x51_PMAG_T_SD 0,01%
30Rnd. 6.8 SD (Tracer) Ammunition FHQ_rem_30Rnd_680x43_ACR_T_SD 0,01%
30Rnd. STANAG SD Mag Ammunition 30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD 0,01%
5Rnd MSR (Tracers) Ammunition FHQ_rem_5Rnd_338Lapua_MSR_T 0,01%
5Rnd. KSVK Ammunition 5Rnd_127x108_KSVK 0,01%
5Rnd. XM2010 .300 Win. (Tracers) Ammunition FHQ_rem_5Rnd_300Win_XM2010_T 0,01%
5Rnd. XM2010 .300 Win. (Tracers) Ammunition FHQ_rem_5Rnd_300Win_XM2010_T 0,01%
Antibiotics Medical supplies ItemAntibiotic 0,01%
Coke Drink ItemSodaCoke 0,01%
G36 SD Mag Ammunition 30Rnd_556x45_G36SD 0,01%
M203 Flare Green Ammunition FlareGreen_M203 0,01%
M203 Flare White Ammunition FlareWhite_M203 0,01%
M203 HE Ammunition 1Rnd_HE_M203 0,01%
M203 Smoke Ammunition 1Rnd_Smoke_M203 0,01%
M67 Frag Granade Ammunition HandGrenade_west 0,01%
M9 SD Mag Ammunition 15Rnd_9x19_M9SD 0,01%
Mk17 Mag Ammunition 20rnd_762x51_B_SCAR 0,01%
Morphine Medical supplies ItemMorphine 0,01%
MP5 SD Mag Ammunition 30Rnd_9x19_MP5SD 0,01%
Pepsi Drink ItemSodaPepsi 0,01%
PKM Mag Ammunition 100Rnd_762x54_PK 0,01%
SVD Mag Ammunition 10Rnd_762x54_SVD 0,01%
.408 CheyTac Ammunition ussr_5Rnd_408 0,00%

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