Name Categorie ID Chance
- Loot Pile hospital 71,43%
- Loot Pile trash 14,29%
Medical Box Loot Box MedBox0 14,29%

Loot Pile - hospitalEdit

Name Categorie ID Chance
Bandage Medical supplies ItemBandage 24,81%
Blood Bag Medical supplies ItemBloodbag 12,78%
Painkiller Medical supplies ItemPainkiller 12,78%
Morphine Medical supplies ItemMorphine 9,77%
Epi-Pen Medical supplies ItemEpinephrine 6,77%
Antibiotics Medical supplies ItemAntibiotic 4,51%

Loot Pile - trashEdit

Name Categorie ID Chance
Empty Tin Can Trash TrashTinCan 6,49%
Empty Soda Can Trash ItemSodaEmpty 3,25%
Toilet Paper Trash ItemTrashToiletpaper 2,60%
Razor Trash ItemTrashRazor 1,30%
Empty Whiskey Bottle Trash TrashJackDaniels 0,65%

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