Name Categorie ID Chance
- Loot Pile generic 22,05%
- Loot Pile trash 17,32%
Wood Pile Construction PartWoodPile 8,66%
Kar98k Clip Ammunition gms_k98_mag 6,30%
SKS Clip Ammunition VIL_10Rnd_762x39_SKS 6,30%
Double-barreled Shotgun Shotgun MR43 4,72%
Kar98k Assault Rifle gms_k98 3,15%
Lee Enfield Assault Rifle LeeEnfield 3,15%
P38 Sidearm RH_p38 3,15%
P38 Mag Ammunition RH_8Rnd_9x19_p38 3,15%
SKS Assault Rifle VIL_SKS 3,15%
Crossbow Miscellaneous Crossbow_DZ 2,36%
Machete Meele WeaponHolder_ItemMachete 2,36%
TT33 Mag Ammunition RH_8Rnd_762_tt33 2,36%
Winchester 1866 Shotgun Winchester1866 2,36%
.44 Magnum Ammunition RH_6Rnd_44_Mag 1,57%
Kar98k GL Explosive gms_k98_rg 1,57%
Tokarev TT-33 Sidearm RH_tt33 1,57%
Bear Trap Construction TrapBear 0,79%
Colt Anaconda Sidearm RH_anac 0,79%
CZ 550 Sniper Rifle huntingrifle 0,79%
Panzergrenade 30 Ammunition panzergrenade 0,79%
Woodland Bandit Clothing Clothing Skin_Camo3_DZ 0,79%
Woodland Ranger Clothing Clothing Skin_Camo2_DZ 0,79%

Loot Piles - genericEdit

Name Categorie ID Chance
Bandage Medical supplies ItemBandage 2,45%
Road Flare Ammunition HandRoadFlare 1,56%
Coke Drink ItemSodaCoke 1,34%
Empty Soda Can Trash ItemSodaEmpty 1,34%
Empty Tin Can Trash TrashTinCan 1,34%
2Rnd. Pellet  Ammunition 2Rnd_shotgun_74Pellets 1,11%
2Rnd. Slug  Ammunition 2Rnd_shotgun_74Slug 1,11%
Crossbow Bolt  Ammunition WoodenArrow 0,89%
Empty Whiskey Bottle Trash TrashJackDaniels 0,89%
Heat Pack Medical supplies ItemHeatPack 0,89%
Lee Enfield Mag Ammunition 10x_303 0,89%
Pepsi Drink ItemSodaPepsi 0,89%
Browning HP Mag Ammunition RH_13Rnd_9x19_bhp 0,67%
Chemlight Blue Ammunition HandChemBlue 0,67%
Chemlight Red Ammunition HandChemRed 0,67%
M1911 Mag Ammunition RH_8Rnd_45cal_m1911 0,67%
1866 Slug  Ammunition 15Rnd_W1866_Slug 0,45%
M93R Mag Ammunition RH_20Rnd_9x19_M93 0,45%
Painkiller Medical supplies ItemPainkiller 0,45%
PPK Mag Ammunition RH_7Rnd_32cal_ppk 0,45%
TT33 Mag Ammunition RH_8Rnd_762_tt33 0,45%
X26 Cartridge Ammunition DDOPP_1Rnd_X26 0,45%
Baked Beans Food FoodCanBakedBeans 0,22%
Chemlight Green Ammunition HandChemGreen 0,22%
CZ 550 Mag Ammunition 5x_22_LR_17_HMR 0,22%
Frank & Beans Food FoodCanFrankBeans 0,22%
Mk22 SD Mag Ammunition RH_8Rnd_9x19_Mksd 0,22%
Pasta Food FoodCanPasta 0,22%
Sardines Food FoodCanSardines 0,22%
Water Bottle Drink ItemWaterbottleUnfilled 0,22%
Water Bottle (Filled) Drink ItemWaterbottle 0,22%

Loot Piles - trashEdit

Name Categorie ID Chance
Empty Tin Can Trash TrashTinCan 7,87%
Empty Soda Can Trash ItemSodaEmpty 3,94%
Toilet Paper Trash ItemTrashToiletpaper 3,15%
Razor Trash ItemTrashRazor 1,57%
Empty Whiskey Bottle Trash TrashJackDaniels 0,79%

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