This handgun is truly a beast of power that lacks all subtlety along with the rest of the Magnum weapons in Breaking Point. It is a prefered choice of handgun for snipers who are going for some vehicle kills, as it combines the close quarters manuverability of a submachine gun with the power of a battle rifle. This handgun is no different than a normal Desert Eagle with the exception that it has a shiny, gold finish.

  • Category: Handgun - Magnum
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Spawn Location(s): Military Crash (1.04%), Barracks (0.16%), Castle 
  • Damage: 9000~
  • Ammo: 
    • .50AE
  • Range:  100m
  • Zeroing:  No
  • Rate of Fire: Slow
  • Recoil: Very High
  • Noise:  Very High
  • Firing Mode: Semi
  • Attachments: None
  • Alternate version(s): Desert Eagle , Desert Eagle Modern , Desert Eagle Modern Big Muzzle