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Welcome to the Breaking Point WikiEdit

Breaking Point is an overhaul of the ArmA II mod DayZ.

The mod contains a confirmed 150+ new guns and 18+ new vehicles, and with the expansion of the wiki, reports of new weapons, vehicles and clothing found are pouring in. There is also a far greater number of clothing skins available to find within the Chernarus environment.

The mod also features its own base building, custom zombie sounds, and custom weapon sounds. Some DayZ weapons have been removed or changed. Furthermore, additions to existing Chernarus airfields, towns and villages, such as two new barracks and hangars at the North-East Airfield have been made.

You can download DayZ Breaking Point at :

Please note that this Wiki is a work in progress and does not contain everything in Breaking Point. I am working on adding everything there is to add with detailed information, tactics, mechanics, and images.